Easter Reflection 2019
17 April 2019

Operation Encompass
11 April 2019

In conjunction with Lancashire Police,  Our Lady and St Anselm’s RC School is involved in a national initiative called “Operation Encompass”.  The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in, heard or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.

Following an incident, children will often arrive at school distressed, upset, worried and unprepared.  Operation Encompass aims to ensure that appropriate school staff are made aware early enough to help and support children and young people in a way that means they feel safe and included.

This is a valuable initiative that means we can help and support students and their families within our school when they need us most.

You can find out more information by visiting the Operation Encompass website (click the button below) or by contacting Mrs Rainey at school.

Homework Questionnaire Results
05 April 2019
Walks in the Local Area
05 April 2019
World Book Day 2019
15 March 2019

Christmas Productions 2018
13 December 2018

Reception The Nativity


Video of Performance



Slideshow of Photo's


Key Stage 1 Shine Star Shine

Video of Performance


Slideshow of Photo's


Key Stage 2 The X Factory

Slideshow of Photo's 



Video of Performance


Parent Questionnaire 2018
11 October 2018
Welcome Back
03 October 2018
End of School Year
19 July 2018

Photo Slideshow 


Grandparent's Afternoon Tea
08 February 2018

Thank you to all the grandparents who came to watch the children perform poems, dances and songs. The staff made all the sandwiches and cakes and the food was enjoyed by all. The afternoon raised £350 for CAFOD


Christmas Productions 2017
14 December 2017

Reception The Nativity

Reception The Nativity Photo Slideshow

KS1 A Midwife Crisis 

A Midwife Crisis Photo Slideshow

The Peace Child

The Peace Child Photo Slideshow

Children In Need 2017
17 November 2017

Thank you to parents and children for once again supporting our Children in Need fundraiser. The children looked great in their PJ's and the staff even joined in too!!

A total of £196.00 has been raised so far - Well Done!

KS1 Children in Need 2017

Religious Inspection Report
12 April 2017
Pet Afternoon
29 March 2017

Multicultural Week
22 March 2017

Parent Questionnaire
08 March 2017

World Book Day
02 March 2017

Our School Prayer
02 March 2017

This year we have written a new class prayer . It helps us to think about our school mission.

Guest Author
07 February 2017

On Wednesday 1st February, we had a guest author in school called Rachael Lindsay. She drove all the way from Cheshire with her box full of trolls! These trolls are linked to many of her novels and they all took part in the many workshops led by Rachael. Throughout the school, Rachael visited years one to six and demonstrated many ideas towards inspiration for writing! The school day ended with a celebration of writing assembly and many children came out to the front to read their writing that was inspired by the trolls!!! Overall, the day was a success and many children went home with a buzz for writing and some even managed to get a signed copy of her novels!

“I think she had a really good imagination! Especially the idea of trolls – it’s different!” Rory – Year 3.

“The author was fun because she read all of the books – in character – in troll language!!!” Jenson – year 4.

“It was amazing! When she read it in character, it was like you were there!” Emma – year 5.

“Very inspirational! Can I get back to my writing now Miss?!” Patrick – year 5.

“I liked her troll language!” Edward – year 1.

“It was good because she is very creative!” Eve – year 2.

“When the author read, she gave us ideas of words to write, like ones we had never heard of before!” Oliver and Ashley  - year 6.

Special Visitor
22 December 2016

Passwords for the video is the same as the production videos which has been sent home. 

Christmas Productions 2016
13 December 2016

Passwords for all videos will be sent home before school closes for the Christmas Holidays

The Nativity 

Production Video

Photo Slideshow 

Hey Ewe

(Production Video)

Hey Ewe

(Photo Slideshow)


Cinderella Rockerfella 

(Production Video)


Cinderella Rockerfella 

(Photo Slideshow)

Parent Questionnaire
26 October 2016

Click here to complete our Parent Questionnaire. 

Science Quality Mark at Silver
21 September 2016

We have recently been awarded the Science Quality Mark Silver Level 1 of only 270 schools to have achieved this across the country 

KS1 Pupil Questionnaire
10 May 2016

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St Anselms Day
04 May 2016

Door of Mercy
13 April 2016


Year of Mercy Assembly
13 April 2016


The Passion Easter 2016
24 March 2016


Clean for the Queen
24 February 2016

The School Council have decided that we are going to take part in "Clean for the Queen" to celebrate the Queen's birthday. This will take place on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th March. As part of the even we will be making sure our school garden and pitch are clean and tidy.


School Improvement Work
13 January 2016

On the 18th January the building work will start at school.  Having spoken to the contractors and discussed the health and safety of our pupils we have decided for the first four weeks of the project we are best to keep access in the middle yard to a minimum.  This means that the church gate will be kept locked in the morning and afternoon. Can all parents please use the main entrance from the 18th.

Reception pupils will need to enter school through the main office door.




Year of Mercy
13 January 2016

We will be joining with the children and staff from St Mary's in Bacup to celebrate Mass for the Year of Mercy on Wednesday 27th January. This will be held at 10 am in St Mary's Church Bacup. All are welcome to join us 



Christmas Productions 2015
16 December 2015


Reception The Nativity 

Reception The Nativity Photo Slideshow

Key Stage 1 Prickly Hay

Key Stage 1 Prickly Hay Photo Slideshow

 Key Stage 2 Panto Pandemonium 

Panto Pandemonium Photo Slideshow

Maths Evening
11 November 2015

Reading Evening
11 November 2015

Thank you to all the Reception  parents who attended the reading evening on Monday 28th September.  I am sure you all found it a useful evening and the children enjoyed their pyjama party.

Results from the questionnaires:

Did the evening meet with your expectations?

All parents said this was excellent

Do you now feel more confident to help your child with reading?

All parents agreed this was at least good and the majority said excellent

What time would you prefer ?

A very large majority of parents said 6pm-7pm



Parent Questionnaire Results
19 October 2015

Thank you to all the parents who completed this year's parental questionnaire. Click here to view the results Any additional comments made by parents have been shared with staff and governors. One issue raised was homework, we have looked at this and tried to ensure the amount is suitable to each age group and ability. If any parents have any further comments to make please feel free to speak to me or any of the class teachers. Mrs Rainey

Welcome Back
09 September 2015

Dear all ,

Welcome back to the new school year at Our Lady and St Anselm’s R.C. Primary!  The children look very smart, healthy and well rested, so thank you all for that.  I’m sure they are ready to work really hard this year and do their best in all things. 

I look forward to working closely with all children and families. If you do have any queries or concerns please call in to the office to arrange an appointment.

We would like to extend an especially warm welcome to the new families starting with us this year in Reception class, and also to Luke who is joining us in Year One, Davis in Year Four and Erin in Year Two. Our pupil numbers have now increased to 170..

I’m sure you’ll make all the new families welcome too!

There is a new face around school, Mrs King who has joined Dream Class as a teaching assistant. I am sure she will soon become a familiar face.

Remember “Meet your Teacher Day” on September 11th at 3:15pm. This will give you the chance to find out more about what will be taught in class and how you can support your child further at home.


 We have lots of exciting topics planned in each class this year. Curriculum maps will be available on the school website newsletters will go home on Friday.  We have started the school year with a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” whole school theme.  Staff have worked hard to transform classrooms and make learning fun from day one.  Class trips have been arranged  to support learning and     provide  children with opportunities to learn more about  their  topics.  Trips this term include a visit  to Brockhole Outdoor Centre, Speedwell  Caverns, Helmshore Mill and Middleton Arena for this years Pantomime of Peter Pan staring celebrities from Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Children’s Learning  - We will continue teaching and assessing      children on the new national curriculum.  This year all year groups will be working on their age group standards.  Progress towards these targets will be discussed with you at parent conferencing


Home learning

This is an important aspect of your child’s learning – it really makes a difference if they know you think it’s important too.  If you’d like additional advice on helping your child, please speak to the class teacher. 

This year we are introducing a fun MyMaths app and online homework.  This homework can be completed on a pc, laptop or tablet.  More   information and login details will be sent home soon. We are also   making changes to how we send  out homework.  Homework will always be sent home on a Friday but each class will have new homework logs linked to their topics in class.  The idea of these new homework logs is to allow children to become more independent with their homework and plan their time .  As a parent, I know that some weekends are busier than others so these new logs will give you the opportunity to complete  work when your child has  time.  There will also be elements of choice within the homework so your child can choose areas which they enjoy.

School Improvement Plan

Each year the school works towards a School Improvement Plan (SIP) and a great deal of work is completed by governors and ensuring the plan is implemented each year, and evaluated.  This year we are focusing on raising attainment for the higher ability children,  developing teachers to become more effective leaders of curriculum areas and encouraging children to become independent learners and  respond to feedback from teachers.

School Governors

Our parent governors at Our Lady and St Anselm’s are Gillian       Whitworth, John Bramwell and Derek Conway.  If you would like to raise any issues with them, please ask to be introduced to them if  necessary.  Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Chrissie Oxford. 

Friends’ Association

All our parents automatically become members of the association, and all are welcome to join us at meetings.  They will be meeting shortly for the AGM and to look at the activities for the year.  Our Friends’ Association are a really nice group of people, so don’t be nervous about coming along!

School website

The school website is constantly being updated.  Newsletters and  general information will be posted here so make it a “Favourite” on your toolbar! Please make sure the office has your upto date email  address and mobile number.  Parent mail is now our primary way of contacting parents.


School Improvements

Over the six week holiday we placed a planning      application with Rossendale planning department for future building         developments. We will keep you updated.  We also installed  two new  teacher walls in Key Stage two  with new tables and chairs. The rooms look fantastic!


 School lunches cost £2.20 for Key Stage Two pupils and should be purchased in advance please.


If your child is unwell and not able to attend school, please make sure you let us know as soon as possible on the first day of absence. If they are absent from school for more than one day please ring school each day to keep us informed. This way we can be sure that all children are either safely at school or at home.

Children should have their school PE kit in school all term.

Children should wear sensible school shoes please (not trainers) – if we feel shoes are not appropriate, we may have to ask children not to use the equipment for their own safety, which we really don’t want to do – so please support us with this.

PLEASE name all items of clothing – sew on or iron on name tapes are by far the best.  We find that the names written in pen (even special pens claiming they are for that purpose) very quickly do indeed fade.

Health and Safety issues

I am sure you appreciate that the health and safety of the children is of paramount

importance to all of us.  With this in mind can we just remind you of the following:

School begins at 8.50 am, if your child arrives before this it is important to remind all children that they are not allowed to play in the bottom yard,  play ball games  or cycle through the school playground. 

Please let us know if your child is being collected by someone else so we are able to let them leave at the end of the day. 

 As a village school, traffic and parking will always be an issue for us.  In order to keep your children safe please can we ask that children are never left unsupervised outside the school gate. Please be considerate of neighbours to the school, I know getting your child to school on time is important to you but if you block someone’s drive I am sure you can fully appreciate their frustration.  The Council have allowed parents to use the Riverside carpark for drop off and collection.  Please do use this.

 As you are all aware Holidays will not be authorised in term time.  A penalty notice of £120 per parent per child will be applied.  National guidelines have forced the Governors to adopt this policy.

Please note, dogs are not allowed in the school yard.  

Smoking (this includes e-cigarettes) is forbidden in the school building and grounds.


Welcome Service in Church 18th September

Parents Reading & Phonics Monday, September 28th  Evening/ Children’s Pyjama Party 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Open Day October 2nd

Parent Conferencing Monday, October 19th  (Appointments TBC)

School Christingle Service in school: Friday, December 4th

Reception Nativity Play in Church: Friday December 11th at 2.30pm

Christmas Play at the Riverside: Tuesday December 10th at 2.00pm  and  6.00pm

(Dates may be subject to change but you will be notified via the school newsletter)

 Click here to download a copy of our welcome back letter 

End of School Year
18 July 2015

Year 5 / 6 Roll, roll, roll

Year 5/6 song

Shine Class

Sparkle Class




Year 5/6

Year 6 Leavers Rap

Year 6 say goodbye

Staff Dance

Sports Day 2015
15 July 2015

Below is a sideshow of Sports Days 2015

Sun Protection
01 July 2015


Dear Parents / Carers In light of the recent warm weather we have re-considered our sun protection policy.

We encourage that you send your child to school with a sun hat throughout the summer term; please ensure they are clearly marked with your child’s name. When appropriate, please also apply sun cream to your child before school, we recommend a high factor once-a-day cream or sun-block. On days where the weather is extremely hot or children are outside for longer periods, sun cream can be re-applied during the school day.

We require parental consent and bottles should also be marked with your child’s name, these will be kept in class in each child’s school bag. Children will be reminded to re-apply before going out to lunch and before any after school activities.

 Please note, we do not allow sun protection sprays in school. Staff will be present in the rooms when children are applying the sun cream, however you must ensure your child can competently apply their own sun screen before giving consent 

To Give your permission please either complete the online form you have recieved via ParentMail or email your permission to

Thank you.



The Passion 2015
01 April 2015

 On Wednesday of Holy Week the children performed the Passion of Christ below is a video of the performance along with a photo slideshow. The password to view the video and photo's will be sent home on Thursday

Photo Slideshow

Performance Video

Grandparent's Day
28 January 2015
Christmas Productions
13 December 2014

Whoops a Daisy Angel 

Whoops a Daisy Angel Photo Slideshow


Aladdin Photo Slideshow

The Nativity


The Nativity Photo Slideshow

Whitworth Band Club
26 November 2014

After 10 weeks of tuition from Whitworth Band Club the year 4 children performed for their parents and family. The evening was a great success. Our thanks go to all the families who came to watch and a special thank you to Whitworth Band Club for all of their hard work. 

Real Life Super Heroes
22 October 2014

This week in Shine Class we have been learning about 'people who help us' We have had some very special visitors in to see us and they have told us all about their jobs. We have had lots of fun. 

Lottie the Counting Dog
15 October 2014

On Friday 10th October Mr Aldred, Harry's Grandad, came into school with his talented dog Lottie. The children were amazed to see her play the piano and count. 


Wizard of Oz Writing Week
24 September 2014

The children were amazed as they entered school this week as the whole school had been transformed into scenes from the Wizard of Oz. The children have spent all week writing about the different events that take place in the story. They have enjoyed exploring crime scenes and creating persuasive letters to the wizard. Click here to take a look at some of the photo’s

Summer Performance
19 July 2014



OLSA Super Hero Day
16 July 2014




Olympian At OLSA
25 June 2014

The whole school were excited to welcome Olympic swimmer Joanne Jackson yesterday, as part of the ‘Sports For Schools’ programme. The day began with Jo challenging 6 of our best swimmers to a race over at Whitworth Baths. The whole school were there to cheer the swimmers on and there was a great celebration when we managed to snatch victory. We don’t think Joanne quite put in one of her Olympic performances!

Next we all took part in a sponsored fitness challenge in the school hall. It was really good fun and we hope to raise lots of money towards schools sports equipment.

The day ended with a celebration assembly led by Olympian Joanne. She answered lots of questions and showed us her Olympic medal. It was a fantastic day and the children were left feeling inspired to work hard to achieve there dreams.


Olympic Fitness Challenge
11 June 2014
Year 6 SAT's
07 May 2014

We wish our Year 6 children all the very best as they prepare for their SAT’s. These begin next Monday morning at 9.30am and the boys and girls will be able to have a little bit of breakfast, starting at 8.30am, prior to the test beginning each day. There will be no morning Mass next Wednesday due to the tests.



Year of Faith Blessing
16 April 2014

Father Frank blessed our wonderful Year of Faith Moasic on Wednesday 9th April 2014, with the whole school taking part in this service. A great big thank you goes to Vicky Mykytivk, the artist, who spent time with our children to produce this wonderful master piece.



The Passion
09 April 2014


On Wednesday of Holy Week the children performed the Passion of Christ Click here to view a video of the performance



Egg – citing News!!
26 March 2014

Class R are very excited to announce the arrival of 11 healthy chicks .They are very happy in their new home and we have really enjoyed getting to know them. We have celebrated by making birthday cards and decorations and we have even given some of them names. Paris, Yoda, Dorothy, Robin and friends will be staying with us until Friday when they will return to the farm.

Yr 3 Global Renewables Trip
19 March 2014

On the 17th March, the Year 1 children visited Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum in Rochdale. They all had a wonderful morning looking at artefacts in the Victorian street and were in awe of the full size fire appliances. There is a wealth of inspirational artefacts in the museum and it is well worth a visit in the school holidays. Check out the website for opening times.

Yr 1 Fire Service Museum Trip
19 March 2014

On the 17th March, the Year 1 children visited Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum in Rochdale. They all had a wonderful morning looking at artefacts in the Victorian street and were in awe of the full size fire appliances. There is a wealth of inspirational artefacts in the museum and it is well worth a visit in the school holidays. Check out the website for opening times.

Class 2 Mass
26 February 2014

The children in Class 2 celebrated Mass on Sunday 9th February and were joined by our Local MP Mr Jake Berry Click here to read a letter of appreciation from Mr Berry.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
17 December 2013

The children in our Reception Class all took part in a performance of 'The Nativity" We would like to thank all the parents who took the time to attend this fantastic performance. Click here to view some photo's and a video from the performance. You will need a password to access the video which will be sent home with your child

A Midwife Crisis
17 December 2013

The children in our Reception Class all took part in a performance of 'The Nativity" We would like to thank all the parents who took the time to attend this fantastic performance. Click here to view some photo's from the performance a video of the performance will be posted here in the next few days.

Yes it's official! The open secret which every visitor to our school would confer.
25 November 2013

While our results often put us in the top 5% in the country our school provides much, much more. From the minute children enter our building at four years old until the day they leave at eleven years for high school each child is nurtured in a caring safe environment. Individual needs and talents are identified and personal support by dedicated staff is delivered in school buildings which were erected almost one hundred and forty years ago and have now been lovingly refurbished in keeping with 21st Century.

Reception Class Perform "The Nativity"
25 November 2013

The children in our Reception Class all took part in a performance of 'The Nativity" We would like to thank all the parents who took the time to attend this fantastic performance. Click here to view some photo's from the performance a video of the performance will be posted here in the next few days.