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We are members of The GIFT Team. We have a very important job to spread the Word of God throughout our school and the school community.

It is our mission to interpret scripture so that children can better understand stories from the Bible and relate them to their own lives.

You may see us around school leading prayer and worship, partaking in meditation and discussing current issues involving people around the world.

We have recently interviewed lots of pupils for the 2016-2017 GIFT Team and we are pleased to announce we have 14 new members.  This is what the children said about being part of the GIFT Team. 

I want to spread the word of God.  I believe I am good in the gift team. I hope to make a difference by being caring to little ones.

I am part of the Gift Chaplaincy team.  I want to help spread the word of God and tell everyone about his love. We are a growing team that promotes peace and love across school.  I hope to teach others about God’s love and his eternal love.

I want to spread the word to my school.  My skills are forgiveness and kindness.

I am thrilled to be part of the gift chaplaincy team. It will be good to lead prayer and help our school.  I believe that we can show faith and trust together. I hope to help others in the school and spread the Word of our Lord.

I want to show people how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps forgive, share and love.

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Each member of the gift team, has met their new prayer friend in Reception Class, they have been reading Bible stories and joining together in prayer.


For the induction service the GIft team welcomed new parents, read during the service and made cards for all our new reception pupils.