Welcome to Inspire Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 – Class Inspire!

There are thirty-one of us in our class and we have been working hard as Upper Key Stage 2 at OLSA.  Miss Fleming, Ms Brown and Mr Hewitt work with us every day to help us learn, enjoy and develop as confident young individuals.

This year, we have taken on more responsibilities through leading with the Gift Team, becoming sports leaders and developing our managing skills as the new Sports Ambassadors.

We have been very busy this year. In class, we have made Anglo-Saxon settlements, created Viking brooches, Viking longboats and will soon be creating our very own papier-mache helmets!! It will soon get messy!!

However, do not just take the teachers word for it; this is what we have to say:

Everyday learning is epic – we have teachers who help us learn and make it fun! (Thomas)

It is great being in Inspire class – we always enjoy ourselves and learning is never boring! (Phoebe)

It is nice to learn in a place where the teachers care for us and help us whenever we need it. We all help each other learn to achieve our goals. (Neave)

We are always challenged in our learning; we never get time to sit back! I love it! (Josef)


Autumn 2 Newsletter 

Spring Term 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Homework Log

Spring 1 Homework Log

Multi Cultural Week 

During the last week of term, the children in Inspire class participated in a multi-cultural theme week. Here we investigated the religion of Sikhism. The children have delved into how Sikhism is one of the youngest religions who believe in Pray, Work and Give.  The children explored the various symbols and beliefs to compare to their own faith. They started the week through research and moved through to exploring, and making, traditional Sikh food, creating Sikh art based around the region of Canada and finally moving through classes to gain an understanding of the other faiths studied that week. Here are some of the images from the week.

Author Visit

Inspire class had the privilege of having the fantasy author, Rachel Lindsay, into their class for a creative writing session. Here Rachel read extracts of her own stories to the children and introduced them to her inspiration behind her novels, a collection of weird and wonderful trolls!! Here are some of the pieces of work the children had produced – Rachel was blown away by all of the children’s  effort in such a small space of time!


Anglo-Saxon Topic Homework:

Last term the children we set the challenge of researching, making and exploring the era of the Anglo-Saxons. The children produced some fantastic examples of work, ranging from power-points, songs, hand-crafted settlements and fact sheets. The effort the children put in was truly outstanding and once again, thank you to all of the parents who no doubt diligently sat and assisted the children in their learning. Here are just a few of the examples created.


Topic Afternoon:

On Friday, 20th January 2017, parents and carers from Inspire class were invited in to a topic day to celebrate our current learning on North America. The children made traditional Indian feather hats, dreamcatchers, 3D totem poles and recreated Native sketching with chalk and watercolours. It would not be an American day without the inclusion of hotdogs and snacks, which it was safe to say the children thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you once again for the fantastic turnout. Your continued support is always appreciated!


On Monday, 28th November, Inspire class invited parents and carers into class to explore their new topic of the Vikings. The children had a lot of fun creating Viking shields, longboats, clay brooches and name plates designed in runes. It was lovely to see so many people attend the event and it was even better to see them getting their hands dirty!! Thank you once again for all the support.


Writing Week

To start off the term, we had a whole school writing week based around the novel Peter Pan. The children enjoyed debating on whether the character Peter was actually as good as we believe or not. The children then had a go at writing their own version of the story – their creations were amazing!! To finish the week, we had the chance to make pirate biscuits – which went down very well with the class as you could imagine!!


Bike ability 

This term, the children have participated in the Bike ability scheme. They have the opportunity to learn how to ride their bikes competently and safely on the road. All children took on board the challenge and achieved some personal goals with smiles on their faces. Well done to those who took part – the instructors were amazed by your achievements!