Welcome to Inspire Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 – Class Inspire!

We are an enthusiastic class of 28 who have been working extremely hard as role models within Upper Key Stage 2. Miss Fleming and Miss Ward work with us every day to help us learn, enjoy and develop confidence to be resilient and independent learners.

This year we will develop our leadership within school through taking on key roles such as members of the GIFT team, school sports Ambassadors and sports leaders.

Already we have been extremely busy within class. We have explored the burial site of an Anglo Saxon King, participated in the Go Velo bike training and been learning to become more confident with the Maths No Problem. Here we have enjoyed using equipment to solve real problems and have more opportunity to explain our reasoning. Here is what we have to say about Inspire class:

I like being in Inspire class as we have fun, learn lots, get to work with our friends every day and our classroom is really bright (Jenson)

I like being in Year 5 – I now love maths because we get to use practical equipment to help our learning and we also get chance to talk through our ideas to help us become more confident (Louise)

Inspire class is great class but it can be a challenge where we always try our hardest. We have lots of help to get us there but I love learning how to test myself (Leah)


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Helmshore Textile Museum Visit

Whitworth Library Visit December 2017

Robinwood Trip May 2018


On Friday, 11th May children in Year 5 went on a residential trip to Robinwood in Todmorden. Here they developed key skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and confidence. The children completed a number of activities over the course of the three days such as canoeing, giant swing, zip wire, caving and piranha pool.


The trip was awesome – I did not realise how well we could actually work together to solve problems!! – Jake


I was a little nervous before we went as it was staying away from home but in the end, I actually did not want to leave! The group leaders were so much fun and it was good to see the teachers lose against us!! - Jenson


Robinwood was great fun and I enjoyed being in a room with all of my friends. I loved our midnight feasts when the night guards left! – Libby 

Bikeability Training:

On Monday, 18th September to Thursday, 21st September, Year 5 children participated in the bikeability training with Go Velo. Here the children learned key skills such as bike maintenance, control on safety on the road. The children’s behaviour was commended by the team and all children managed to achieve either Level 1 proficiency or Level 2 – enabling them to be proficient riders on main roads. Well done year 5!


This term in science the children have been exploring living things within their habitats. Here the children have been exploring the plant life within the school grounds, discussing what a plant life cycle is through pollination and fertilisation. The children had the opportunity to observe close up through magnifying glasses, the insides of the plant to label before they dissected and analysed the parts.

Topic: Topic Planner 2017-2018

The children had a very interesting start to the term – investigating a real Saxon Burial!! The children explored the objects with magnifying glasses, made predictions and uncovered a whole case of evidence to explain who the grave belonged to. After the half term, we will explore the region of North America where we will look into the cultures and traditions of the Native Americans.

Topic Homework:

Once again, the effort and creativity of the Independent Learning homework was outstanding. The amount of learning that the children recalled was fantastic. It was lovely to see the variety of crafts and presentations made. Once again, thank you to the parents for their contribution and time spent. Here are a few examples:

Topic Homework:

As part of their homework log, the children were set a variety of tasks to complete based around their topic of North America. We had some fantastic examples of work with a mixture of crafts, powerpoint presentations and art work. There had obviously been a lot of time and energy spent at home on the work and, as always, the help and the support of the parents is very much appreciated.

Topic Afternoon

Last term, children in Inspire class invited parents into class to celebrate their learning on the Vikings and Saxons. They created clay coins, elaborate weaving patterns and even made their own model Viking ship. Thank you once again to the parents for their support – the children really appreciated your help!

Independent Learning:

Last term, the children were set the challenge to investigate forces and complete abstract pieces of art based around and artist of their choice. Once again, the pieces of work were creative, well researched and extremely diverse. The effort that goes into producing them is, as always, appreciated. Well done year 5!!