School council


My name is Matthew. I am 7 1/2 years old. I enjoy being at Our Lady and St Anselm’s School. My hobbies are swimming and Thai boxing.

Amelia Rose

My name is Amelia Rose and I am 8 years old and my hobbies are running and climbing. My favourite colour is blue.


My name is Sophie and I am Vice Chair. I wanted to be in the School Council to help make decisions for the better of the school. I will help to choose different money raisers to help those in need and to get better learning equipment. I will have a full commitment to the school council because it is an honour to be part of it.


Hi, my name is Jenson . I’m Head Chair and am in year 6. I always put everybody else first and love to help others. My hobby is football and I play for two very successful teams.


My name is Millie and I’m Treasurer of the School Council. I wanted to be in the school council to provide extra help when the school needs it. I think that I will be a good school councillor because I will take it seriously and as a main priority.


My name is Freya and I am 8. I have got 1 brother and 1 sister. I wanted to be in the school council because I wanted to put opinions into the school.


My name is Hannah and I am one of the Year Five members of the school council. I am nine years old and I like to go swimming with school and bike rides with my family. I am a very caring person who has a tabby cat called Fleur that I rescued and gave a home from the RSPCA.


My name is Noah and I am in year five. I am honoured to be in the school council as I love going to school. My favourite subject is Geography and I love as part of a team. When I am not at school, I like to play football in my spare time aswell as watching Ice Hockey in Manchester.

Current Topics


This year the school council have discussed their role in school, how they can collect opinions and ideas from other pupils in school and who they should fundraise for this year.  They have decided that for Children in Need Day they would like to come to school in pyjamas and bring in a donation. The school council will be going to the Council Offices at the Riverside next term to join in a debate with our local councillors.