School council


Hello, my name is Emma. I am really enjoying being a part of school council because I like listening to your ideas and making things happen. I am also part of the GIFT team; who help around school. In addition to clubs in school I like to swim, play a brass instrument and go to Brownies. All these activities help with my confidence and social skills.


My name is Hannah, I am nine years old. In the school council you get to share ideas. I would like to get more equipment for school and design Anti-bullying posters. I want to be in the school council because I want to make our school a better place.


My name is Finlay. I live in Bacup and I have two sisters. I really like working on the computer and doing PowerPoints. I love fishing and my favourite fish is the Pike. I love America and have been to Disney World four times!


My name is Francesca. I am in Year Three and I have one sister at school. She is very kind and helpful to me. My hobby is dancing, I love it! I also like arts and craft. I like raising money for charities and school.


My name is Grace and I am part of school council. I want to be in School Council because I want to help school improve even more. I think the School Council is a good idea because children can be heard.


I’m Oliver. I am eleven years old and I am the School Council Treasurer which means I count all the money we get. I attend the school council meetings and give ideas for clubs and new things for school. I am on the School Council because I care about your ideas and I try to make them happen. I am also a Gift team Member and I Love being a Prayer friend. I am in Year Five and enjoy reading and learning. I like swimming, dancing and running.


Hi! My name is Alice and I am the Vice Chair of school council. I was honoured to get my place on school council because I want to make this school the best that I can do. I am willing to help the school as much as I can.
Current Topics

During this school year, our school council have joined with the Cluster of schools within Whitworth to discuss matters that children feel they can have some impact on. School's participating in the forum are: Britannia, St Michael's & St. John, Our Lady's, St. Bartholomew's and Tonacliffe. There have been three meetings so far and Mason and Mia have attended to represent Our Lady's. 

At the last meeting it was suggested that each school take part in "Clean for the Queen", by finding a 'grot' spot in their area and arranging for a group of children to clean. Pictures will be takne and a collage made for all the schools to be displayed in Whitworth baths. 

Dog fouling is a big issue and it was felt that each school could design a poster, which could be reproduced and used to encourage people to clean up. 

Each School felt that they would like to take part in "Cluster's Got Talent"  and this will take place later in the year.