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Food Chef - Spanish Tapas

Food Chef


  • I enjoyed snapping the green beans (Lillie)


  • I enjoyed cracking the egg (Liam)


  • I liked the bread because it has black olives on it (Lacey)


  • I enjoyed cooking because it was fun (Anya)


  • I like ripping the dough in two parts (Lois)


  • I liked cutting red peppers (Jake)


  • I liked cutting the chicken (Lillie-Mai)


  • I was happy when I was cutting up the courgette (Henry)


  • I was excited when I was cutting the mushrooms (Niamh)


  • I was confused before I went in but then I was happy (Riley)


  • I was impressed when I tasted the drink (Leah)


  • I tried the rice but I did not like it because it had lots of vegetables (Scarlett)


  • I didn't like the sausage because it was too spicy (Jaycob)


  • I will try to make it at home with my dad, sister and brother (Isla H)