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Thursday 20th January 2022


Today, we are writing a story in the theme of Mama Panya. On Monday, we planned our story changing the country that it was and ensuring we were making a food linked to that country. 


An example of this is my story (Miss LeVardi) was based on Ireland and they made Irish stew.


Story example:

One sunny morning, dad and Patrick were at home eating breakfast. Dad turned off the cooker and called to Patrick who was upstairs. He told Patrick to put his shoes and coat on ready to go to the shops. 


Next, dad and Patrick set off down the quiet road to the shops. Along the way they saw Caelan fishing along the Mayola River. Patrick quickly rushed over to Caelan and whispered to ask him if he wanted to come around tonight for Irish Stew. Caelan told Patrick that he would be there.


After they had spoken to Caelan, Patrick saw some school friends Niamh, Shannon and Sean in the field tending to the sheep. Just as dad was about to tell Patrick not to invite them he rushed over and asked the three of them, "Would you like to come to my house tonight for Irish Stew?".

They all immediately replied that they would be there. 


Then, dad and Patrick felt very tired from all the walking and sat down to have a short break and count how many people they had invited: Caelan, Niamh, Shannon and Sean. Patrick then asked dad if we would have enough to get them all some Irish stew.


When they felt rested enough to continue they walked the rest of the way. They got to the shops and bought some potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and beef. While they were in the shops, Patrick told the shopkeeper, Ciara, they were making some stew and asked if she would like to come to come too with her daughter Patricia. She said they would be there.


Once they had gotten home dad started to make the Irish stew and all their friends turned up. Ciara and Patricia came. They brought with them extra ingredients and told Patrick to put them away for the next time dad was making Irish Stew.



Success Criteria:

Noun Phrase (using an adjective to describe a noun)

Past tense

Full stops

Capital letters

Check work makes sense