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The Co-operative Pioneers

The Cooperative Pioneers - significant people and places in their own locality


The children will build on their understanding of chronology of the local area;identifying and explaining where time periods fit in and evaluating the reasons why these people were successful at that particular time. The children will continue to construct and sequence the past, making comparisons to the work of other significant indivduals within the area; identifying similarities and differences between the time periods - offering reasons for their opinions; understand why the Pioneers began, what was the cause and the consequences of their actions; have we changed the Cooperative or have we continued in the same manner it was established for; explore the different interpretations (from all sides) of the importance of the Cooperative - were all people favourable; use historical enquiry to locate relevant information that explains reasons for the past and use various sources of evidence to show how the past can be represented.



The Story of the Rochdale Pioneers

The Story of the Rochdale Pioneers narrates how a group of people from ordinary working families set up their co-operative underpined by a set of values