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Living in the Wider World



During Topic Afternoon, Class Inspire explored The Rule of Law. 

We discussed why Laws are important to society.

We learned how laws are rules that are made by people in power to order the way society behaves. Laws are made to keep us safe, make sure things are fair and limit the power of the Government. We explored the roles of Parliament, Government and the Justice System.


We then created a justice system for a new town 'Uptown'. The children discussed what laws were needed to protect the residents of the town. They added a prison, a school, a hospital, speed restrictions, traffic lights and much more to the town to make it a safe place to live. It was important to consider where particular buildings and safety measures were placed in order to create a harmonious environment. The children also discussed consequences to laws being broken. 


Parents/carers and family members had a great time learning with their children,


"Very informative and interactive session. This topic afternoon has provided the children with the knowledge and understanding of why laws and rules are important to follow and what consequences will occur if they are broken. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, especially creating 'Uptown.' "


"The topic afternoon was really informative and gave the children knowledge and understanding about laws and rules. We enjoyed creating the town."


"Great to see the children working together, learning important facts in a fun way. Had a brilliant afternoon meeting the class."


"Children made good debates about what was required in a small town including the need for a zoo or swimming pool. Children were very engaged in the activities and had good inclusion and differentiation."


"It's nice to be back in class. We've really enjoyed our afternoon."


"We had a great time, thank you."


"Good to be back with the children in class. An enjoyable afternoon."