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Young Mental Health Champions

Meet our Mental Health Champions

Young Mental Health Champions (YHMC) is a student-led intervention, designed to make use of physical activity as a proactive solution to mental health and wellbeing issues present within schools. . They act as an ambassador and mentor, providing important health information and advice, and help to affect real and lasting change in school.

We asked some pupils in KS2 what they think about our Kind Minds group. Here is what they said...


Do you like attending the Kind Minds group? Why?

I like going to the Kind Minds because it is educational and fun. Emily makes the session interesting because she listens to me.     Nathaniel


Yes because you do fun things in the group and you feel relaxed afterwards. This helps me to feel calm for afternoon lessons.     Riley


The Kind Minds is a really fun group. I learnt about how to be healthy and look after myself.     Madison



The group helps me to calm down and I am able to think more clearly. Sometimes I can feel stressed but the group helps me to feel good and relaxed. I am happy after going to the session.      Anonymous 


Why did you join the group?

I thought it would be fun. We haven't had a group like this before so I was excited to see what it would be like - I really like it.     Riley


I was asked to join the group and I enjoy going to it. Each week, we do something different which I like.     Madison


I joined the group because it sounded interesting.     Nathaniel


Some of my friends said it was a good group and they always came out of the session feeling good about themselves so I decided to try it. At first I was unsure but by the end of the session I knew I had made the right decision. I will come again!      Anonymous 


Would you recommend this group to others? Why?

Yes because Kind Minds help you to relax and makes you feel good about yourself. You feel happy when you leave.     Madison


YES! Everyone will love it because it is something different and each week we have a different focus.    Nathaniel


I think lots of people would like to come to this group because it is fun and you learn lots of interesting things every time. It helps you to calm down in the afternoon.     Riley


Yes because I think other children who don't always feel good will enjoy coming to the group because I was the same and I really like going to Kind Minds now.      Anonymous




Today we have been talking about memorable moments from our current class. Everybody shared some ideas about things they have enjoyed and we talked about looking forward to creating new memorable moments in their new classes.




Today we drew leaves, on these leaves where reasons on why their friends are good friends and how they can be good friends. This was an activity that they all enjoyed since they got to colour and draw which most of them enjoyed. We showed them some examples of what ks1 did so they had a better idea on what to do. After this we shared the nice things that we wrote about one an other this made everyone smile and giggle. Today was mostly focused on making everyone feel better about themselves.






Today, we played the finger grab game that focuses on listening and attention. Everyone thought this was such a fun game. For our exercise this week, we showed the group 'The Plank'. Phoebe was a super role model and was able to show this to the group really well. We then did the 'Human Camera'. This hopefully taught them that everyone can have different opinions and view points and that it is OK to be unique.


Wellbeing Session - 'Strengths and Talents'

Today, our Young Mental Health Champions - Emily, Daniel and Phoebe - invited children from KS2 to join them for a wellbeing session based on 'Our Personal 'Strengths'. The children were given the opportunity to address their personal strengths and talents- sharing them with the Wellbeing group.

Kind Minds


This term, our Mental Health Champions are focusing on Healthy Bodies. 

In KS1 this week, the children got together to discuss the importance of sleep, what foods help us to  stay healthy and how to look after our bodies through exercise and good nutrition. Our Champions met with some children of KS1 and created 'How to improve my nutrition' plates. 

Our Champions worked closely with the children to ensure their language and understanding was befitting of the topic. 


Prior to this, the children of both KS1 and KS2 brainstormed ideas for the idea of our group name and they the created posters to advertise the group - this resulted in a huge demand to join our group. It was decided to name the group 'Kind Minds'.