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Reception Class, 

It is our last week together! I have missed you all and I am looking forward to our picnic on Monday where we can all get together for the last time as Reception Class. I will pass on your learning journeys to your new class teacher and they will be sent home when it is safe to do so. You have been such a wonderful class and we have had so much fun throughout the year! You have all made me laugh A LOT, with your funny end of the day jokes and interesting questions. We have learnt so much and shared so many special times together such as, our class Nativity, riding bikes, welly walks, topic afternoons, assemblies and mass. In September, you will be in Miss Le'Vardi's class, she is very lucky to be getting such a lovely class! I will be really sad to see you all move up, but you are all becoming far too clever for Reception class and I have new children to welcome in September, just like I did last year with you. I know you will all do a good job of helping me to look after them! Enjoy your Summer holidays and I look forward to seeing you all when you're in Year 1! 

Keep shining,

Miss Ashworth 


Hi Reception, 

It was lovely to start my first year at OLSA with you. Unfortunately, it was cut short but each day was full of smiles and laughter. Remember to keep being yourself and enjoy each day! I hope you have a wonderful Summer and I look forward to all your stories in September. Keep safe and well. I look forward to seeing you all at the picnic next week, 

Keep smiling, 

Miss Rothwell  



Week Commencing 6/07/20




This morning will be our picnic. Spend the morning making your lunch, getting a picnic blanket and thinking about all the things you're going to tell your friends. I can't wait to see you all! Don't forget, the picnic starts at 11am! See you all soon.  

Guess my rule! In order to do some more complex patterns we are going to look closely at some of the features of the animals! Who knows what might come along


Guess my rule! In order to do some more complex patterns we are going to look closely at some of the features of the animals! Who knows what might come along!


Ordering the animals! Time to use your counting skills to order the animals from the fewest number of legs to the greatest! Get counting!


Animal combo addition! Combine the legs to do some addition in 2 different ways. First we will start with an amount and add another creature. Then we will add groups together!


Leggy subtraction! What will happen if someone or something leaves our leggy party?




W/C 10/07/2020

Monster Mash


This morning will be our picnic. Spend the morning making your lunch, getting a picnic blanket and thinking about all the things you're going to tell your friends. I can't wait to see you all! Don't forget, the picnic starts at 11am! See you all soon.  


Listen and enjoy There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher: Encourage your child to join in with blowing and making the loud noise to get the monster out of the book. Discuss how they would feel if there was a monster in one of their books. How would you try and get it out? How would you feel? How do you think the monster felt when you were trying to tickle him or shake him out? Once the monster was out of the book, why do you think we needed to get him back into the book? How do you think he felt when he was allowed back into the book at the end? What do you think he might say at this point? If your child is able to, write a sentence or two to show what the monster might say.
Wednesday Allow time to talk about and respond to the question asked in the book: Do you wonder if somewhere, not too far away, there might be MONSTERS? Talk about the different types of monsters. Ask what could you do if you were scared of the monster? Make a sign to keep the monster out or, with adult help, construct and label a monster trap. Look at the pictures of the monster and describe him orally. With an adult, you could write a poem, e.g. Two horned, trumpet eared, cave dweller, bike rider etc.
Thursday Watch Monsters University Trailer: Start by looking at all of the different types of monsters. Do you know any of their names? Repeat, this time pausing to discuss the ones they spot. What do they look like? E.g. Mike Wazowski is lime green and round (or shaped like a sphere). He has one big eye in the middle of his head. He has two small horns on the top of his head with thin arms. Find your favourite monster from the list on this website: With an adult, talk about its description. How many eyes has it got? What shape is its head/body? Can you spot how many arms and legs it has? How is it different from the other monsters? Draw your favourite monster and label it with words or phrases that describe it. Remember to use your phonics to help you. Show another family member and tell them all about the monster.,_Inc._characters
Friday Design and create your own special monster. This could be using junk modelling or a drawing/painting. Talk about: What shape will its head and body be? How many legs/arms will it have? Will it be spotty or stripy? Will it have multiple eyes? Will it have horns? Will it have claws? Using your own monster that you have created, make your own monster fact file for someone to read. This could include: What he/she looks like. What they eat. What it does. How it behaves, etc. Remember to use your phonics to help you spell the words.  




Week Commencing 06/7/20

Project activity



Computing: Visit purple mash. Click on tools and then maths city 2. Explore the different places and have a go at some of the activities.


Transition: As you are moving to sparkle class, Miss Le'Vardi would like you all to create a star on purple mash. When you save your star, I will be able to cut it out and pass it on to your new teacher. She will put them on display in your classroom next year.


PSHE: What will you be doing over the summer holidays? Write a list of all the things you would like to do with your friends and family.   


Art: Create a memory jar
Write on pieces of paper all the special memories you have had in Reception Class. Decorate your jar and put your memories in it. This would be a very special thing to keep.

Friday It's the last day of term, usually we would have toy day and watch a movie as a special treat! Today I would like you to make a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, get your favourite blanket, snuggle up and watch a film! I hope you have the most wonderful last day. I will miss you all!  



Purple mash school link:  

Your username and password can be found on the first page of your home reading record. 


Oxford owl link:

A fantastic resource if you run out of phonetically decodable books at home.

Please e-mail Miss Ashworth for the username and password. 

Please click on the red my class login button at the top of the page.



Welcome to Reception class. Miss Ashworth is our class teacher with Miss Rawlinson and Miss Rothwell as our teaching assistants.

Throughout the year, we will learn through topics such as superheroes, dinosaurs, festivals, traditional tales and the seaside. We will teach the children the skills they need and then the children will transfer these skills to their chosen activity during their child-initiated play. The children will take their learning both indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather! Through observations of the children, we can extend the activities to suit your child's ability and teach them their next steps. At OLSA, we have our own secure outdoor area where we have access to sand, water, large physical equipment, natural materials and much more!



Snack Time 

Morning break begins at 10:30am. If you wish to send your child with a healthy snack for their morning break, please ensure it is labelled or in a tub.  

In the afternoon, we have a rolling snack time and a piece of fruit will be provided for your child. 



We ask you to read with your child as much as possible. Once you have read with your child, please fill in their reading record to let us know. We will change reading books every Thursday so please ensure your child’s reading record and books are in their school bag. We will send home two reading books per week; We ask you to please read these books more than once, the first time focusing on tricky words, blending and segmenting, and the second time, questioning your child’s understanding of the story.  


Piggy Bank

In Reception, we like to be able to provide a wide variety of resources and activities for the children. Additional activities like cooking, malleable, gardening and special collage resources incur additional costs. Small contributions from you make a big difference to the special activities that we can do with your children. In class, we have a piggy bank where children can put a small donation or spare change. We ask for no more than 50p per week. Newsletters will keep you updated about purchases from your contributions.