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The Stone Age to Iron Age

Museum from Home: How clever were Stone Age people? Pretty clever, we think!

Look no further for an introduction to what we know about the Stone Age, and what the difference is between Palaeolothic and Neolithic axes!

Museum from Home: This Neolithic axe is one of the rarest and coolest things ever!

Want to see the last remaining bit of a deer that lived in Switzerland 6000 years ago? Here it is, along with lots of reasons why the Neolithic period of the...

Museum from Home: How to Make a Bronze Axe

Have a look at some of our Bronze Age axe heads, and find out how they were made. But why would the Bronze Age people throw them away into water?

Museum from Home: Arrow heads and climate change in the Stone Age

What did climate change have to do with the Stone Age, or the invention of the bow and arrow? Today we look at a flint arrow head.