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Growing together in faith, hope and love.

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Welcome to Our Lady & St. Anselm's 


About Our School


Our Lady and Saint Anselm’s school was originally established in the latter half of the 19th century for the growing Catholic community of Whitworth and surrounding areas. The school is housed in two buildings that have now been joined together with an extension, on Lime Grove, off John Street. We currently have 198 children on roll.


"Since parents have conferred life on their children, they have the most solemn obligation to educate their offspring. Hence parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children. Their role as educators is so decisive that scarcely anything can compensate for their failure in it."

(An extract from the Second Vatican Council Document on Christian Education).


Governors have worked hard to ensure that resources available at our school are second to none and the fabric of our solidly built building is continually being refurbished and enhanced to match the demands of providing a rigorous and challenging education in 21st century.


A highly qualified, dedicated staff work tirelessly together to match the needs of all the children who attend our school.


We are proud of the positive relationship we have with parents, a relationship built on openness and honesty ensuring that a true partnership in the education of all children is established and developed further. The needs of all children are kept under review and all agencies are utilised as deemed necessary to provide for children’s specific needs as when they arise.


When children leave us they often return to reminisce about their time here at Our Lady and Saint Anselm’s. They continue to grow as confident, successful, resilient learners whose love of education was nurtured in their early years at primary school.

Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted, as Headteacher, to welcome you to our Our Lady and Saint Anselm’s RC Primary School. We have a long reputation of offering every child an education based on true Christian values within a Catholic tradition.






As an outstanding school with a dedicated staff, which prides itself in its long standing academic reputation, we equally celebrate our success in supporting each and every one of our children to experience Jesus Christ in their everyday lives through their relationships with one another. The school’s calm and supportive environment enables each child to blossom and prepare for their next steps in education. Please do not hesitate to make arrangements to come and have a chat about the possibility of your child joining us sometime in the future.


Mrs J Rainey

Results from Parent Questionnaire December 2023


Thank you to all the parents who completed the questionnaire at Parent Conferencing. It is really wonderful to receive such positive feedback.

We will continue to work hard to support all our children and families and continually strive to make Our Lady & St. Anselm’s the best school for your children.


My child feels safe at school

100% Agree or strongly agree / 81% strongly agree


My child is making good progress at this school

99% Agree or strongly agree 60% Strongly agree


The school meets my child’s particular needs

99% Agree or strongly agree 64% Strongly agree


The school ensures my child is well looked after

100% Agree or strongly agree 78% Strongly agree


My child is taught well at this school

100% Agree or strongly agree 74% Strongly agree


This school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics

100% Agree or strongly agree 76% Strongly agree


There is a good standard of behaviour in this school

99% Agree or strongly agree 65% Strongly agree


My child's lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour

92% Agree or strongly agree


This school deals with any cases of bullying effectively. (Bullying includes persistent name calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying)

97% Agree or strongly agree


This school helps me to support my child’s learning

99% Agree or strongly agree


This school responds to my concerns well

99% Agree or strongly agree 71% strongly agree


The school keeps me well informed

99% Agree or strongly agree, 66% strongly agree


I would recommend this school to another parent

99% said yes