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The Roman Empire

What we will be learning:


  • the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain


The Roman Empire is a significant part of the history curriculum at OLSA as it is the forefront of where children begin to make sense of the world; make links between topics and extend their later learning. It is important the the children now begin to use historical terms more confidently to assert a point and understand where time periods fit in, including exploring what is happening at this period elsewhere. The children will understand that Roman Empire is a major cause of the fall of many civilisations and the start of new Empires. The children will build upon this understanding of the word 'Empire' as they progress and move through school.


Children will consider the chronology; cause and consequences of the Roman invasions, through society, political, military and economic themes; what has changed to Britain due to their invasion and what continues; what conflicts occurred and their impact; the major follies of this Empire and explore why it is not around today. This will include enquiries into:


  • Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC
  • the Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army
  • successful invasion by Claudius and conquest, including Hadrian’s Wall
  • British resistance, for example, Boudica
  • ‘Romanisation’ of Britain: sites such as Caerwent and the impact of technology, culture and beliefs, including early Christianity
  • changes within society; miliraty, political and ecomonic themes

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