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Welcome to Inspire Year 5



Welcome to Year Five! I am Mrs Howarth and I am joined by Miss Barlow who is the teaching assistant in Class Inspire. We have 30 lively and inquisitive children in Year Five and we will be undertaking some fantastic topics throughout the year.


Year Five is an exciting time for our children as it is a chance for them to really work hard and shine... showcasing their gifts and talents. We are very proud of our achievements and we aim to try our hardest in all that we do; inspiring others to do the same. We all work as a team, uplifting each other;

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Hebrews 13: 16


Spring Term 1


A warm welcome back after a well-deserved break with family, friends and loved ones over the Christmas period. We hope you and your children are well rested and they are raring to continue their learning journey in Year Five.


This term is jam packed with plenty of fun learning opportunities and extra booster classes to enhance your child's learning.


In English, we will first be exploring persuasive writing which will be based on a very important topic - Plastic Pollution. We will make links to our PSHE 'community' unit where we will learn about the importance of caring for our environment and being more involved in the local community through a number  of ways. We will also explore novels as a theme and debate. 


In Maths, we will be working on developing our skills and applying various methods within Multiplication and Division, Word Problems and Graphs.


In Geography this term, we will learn to name and locate geographical regions of the UK and their identifying human and physical characteristics. The children will enjoy studying our local area, Whitworth; exploring issues linked to the local Reservoir and water cycle; using digital technologies to record and observe.


In Science, we will continue to explore Properties of Materials. 


Our PSHE lessons will focus on ‘Community' and 'Media literacy and Digital resilience'.


RE this term will focus on the unit of ‘Mission' which has strong links to community. The children will learn to know and understand the mission of inspirational leaders and the role of Dioceses. We will also explore 'Memorial Sacrifice' where the children will learn how memories are kept alive and how the Eucharist keeps the memory of Jesus' sacrifice alive and present in a special way.


In Computing, the children will learn how to input data and enhance their keyboard skills through Photostory 3.


In DT, we will be making a pop up book. The children will make links to their learning across the curriculum. 


In Music, we will focus on our unit 'Make You Feel My Love'. All the learning is focused around one song: Make You Feel My Love. The material presents an integrated approach to music where games, elements of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), singing and playing instruments are all linked. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other Pop Ballads.


Spanish will focus on hobbies, sports and numbers. This term, the children will be encouraged to answer the class register in Spanish greeting.


Swimming will commence on Monday and we will have PE with FUNDA on Tuesday. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit in each Monday. Children with long hair will be required to use a swimming cap. Bikeability will also commence this term - your child will learn valuable skills to ride their bikes safely within the community.





Below, you will find work to complete if your child is isolating waiting for a COVID result or has tested positive.


If you are isolating, please follow the times below each day using your log in details which can be found in the front of your reading diary.  There will be two online sessions in the morning and work on the school website for the afternoon.


If you have any problems, please email me at 


9.00 am - Teams Maths

11.15 am - Teams English 

2.30 pm - Teams catch up


Please email work to your teacher daily for feedback.

Isolation tasks have been set for you to complete on Purple Mash.

As well as daily Teams lessons, for each day you isolate, please complete one task for each of these subjects:

  • Grammar or spelling
  • Maths
  • Science or topic or PSHE

Class Timetable

Year 5 Curriculum Plan 2021 - 2022


Below are some quizzes which will help you to revise the Year 5 math units. Keep playing the quizzes to improve your score.




Today has been a fabulous day - The Fun Food Chef delivered a captivating lesson on Spanish food. 

We learnt how to make a potato frittata, a Spanish paella with an accompanying chorizo and chickpea side dish. We also made our own Spanish bread, filled with onions, fresh herbs, olives and juicy, red peppers. All the dishes tasted amazing and many children enjoyed all the different, exotic tastes.



This afternoon, we had a visit from a lady called Briege who shared some interesting information regarding the work of CAFOD. The children were fully engaged throughout the lesson and learnt lots of new things.


Ask your child what important information they took away from today's lesson... they will surprise you with their newfound knowledge!

End of Term Raffle Prize



Today was a special day in Class Inspire - we finally drew our raffle ticket prize!

The children have been working so hard this term and have each received many raffle tickets in recognition for their achievements. 


We were all nervous as we pulled out the winner. The lucky child was Luca Blackburn! 


"I was very excited when my name was called because I was not expecting to win!"


Mrs Howarth also pulled out ten more tickets for the runners up. Those children will enjoy a play at the local park when the weather brightens up.


Well done to all the children in Class Inspire. You have worked so hard this term and we are excited to see you progress further next term. 



In Inspire Class today, we focused our learning around healthy eating. We researched where our food comes from - from farm to fork, and the options we have when making particular dishes.


Today we made two dishes of Spaghetti Bolognese - one using a shop bought sauce and another using only fresh ingredients. We discussed how many shop bought sauces, although delicious, can be high in salt and sugar, as well as preservatives. 


When the Bolognese was ready, we tasted both dishes and decided which we each preferred. 


As we had such a lovely time making these dishes, we are going to have a go at home with parents and carers to reinvent this dish and put our own stamp on it. 


"I have learnt about healthier choices and how to make a healthy Bolognese sauce. I enjoyed participating and cutting up the vegetables. It was all delicious."  Macy


"Today I learnt that you can't say you don't like something unless you have tried it. Also, you don't have to have just meat in your Bolognese - you can add lots of vegetables in it too."  Autumn


"Today I learnt how to make Bolognese and how to carefully cut fruit and vegetables."  Henry


"I have learnt that the meat you buy in the supermarket can come from lots of places around the world. The beef we used today was from Britain."  Luca


"I enjoyed cutting the vegetables for the Bolognese. I also enjoyed eating it!"  Jessica


"I enjoyed learning how to make Spaghetti Bolognese. It was so fun!"  Jacob


"Today, I have learnt how to make Spaghetti Bolognese and all about healthy eating. We found out where our food comes from and how to make healthier choices. I really liked the Bolognese!" Orla






This afternoon, we created some wire sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder. We explored various techniques and based our work on animals. We then critiqued our work and explored how we could improve our skills. Next week, we will explore clay.

Class Mass - Thanksgiving



Class Inspire celebrated Mass with Father Chris this morning. Our theme was around Thanksgiving and left us feeling refreshed in spirit. Our class Mass was extra special today because it linked in with our Harvest contributions. Every child came to school today in their own clothes and donated food which was delivered to the local food bank, The Lighthouse Community Foodshare. It felt very good to give to the community and know that we are helping others in need.



Class Inspire had a fabulous time using the maths equipment today. We explored a number of engaging methods which link to our multiplication and division unit. The children enjoyed discussing which methods they could use to solve different problems. 


"I enjoyed using the base ten equipment and the counters to solve the five different problems on my challenge card."  Jessica


"I enjoyed using the base ten equipment to make a cube.Today I learnt what a prime number is." Xander


"Today I learnt how to make large cubes using the times tables that I know. I now know that I need to practise more with all of my times tables."  Autumn


"The cubes and base ten equipment helped me to work out my problem quickly."  Jacob


"I found out that I could use blocks to help me count in multiples. I struggled with the place value counters to solve a problem but managed to use another strategy."  Hugo


"Today I learnt that how to use arrays in different ways to solve a calculation. I used the cubes and I drew dots to help me see where the soldiers would go. I would use this method  again."  Eva



Today we had a visit from Harold the Giraffe and the Education Bus. The focus for our lesson was about physical and emotional needs. Here is what a few of our children in Year Five learnt today...


"I learnt about my body and the things I should and shouldn't do to keep my body healthy."



"I learnt about body parts such as the lungs, the heart and blood cells. You shouldn't take drugs or smoke and adults should not have too much alcohol. Children should not be doing those things!"



"Today I learnt that smoking can give you tar in your lungs. That makes it hard to breathe. Also, the brain is so complicated, scientists don't know everything about the brain."



"If someone asks to ride your bike and you don't want them to, you should keep calm instead of shouting at them because that would hurt their feelings. Instead, explain why you don't want them to ride your bike."



"If you are feeling stressed, you can have a little bit of alone time to think about things. You could also talk to someone you trust like a friend or adult."


Class Inspire had a fantastic day at the zoo today. We enjoyed looking at the various animals and had a lovely picnic in the sun.