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YouHue Wellbeing

YouHue is a research-based mood tracking exercise helping young people develop healthy habits around understanding how they are feeling, expressing themselves appropriately, and being empathetic.


YouHue gives actionable insights to understand student learning needs so we can best support them to succeed.


Please visit to learn more about the app.

For enquiries about how YouHue is used in our school, please email 

I like the app because you can share your emotions with your teacher. Sometimes, I get a nice response when I have logged an emotion. This makes me feel good.     Chardonnay


I like that you can write what you feel and if you don't want to say it to a person, YouHue is there for you.      Hannah


YouHue is good because you can share your emotions with your teacher when you are at home or on holiday.     Xander


I feel like you can get all of your worries off your chest and you feel better afterwards.     Isabell


I think the YouHue app is good because if you are having a bad day, you can tell the YouHue app and share it with someone else so you feel better. Sometimes, my teacher responds on the app or talks to me. This makes me feel happy because someone is listening to me.     Bella


It is good because I can share my feelings.      Jacob


It is a good app because it helps me share my feelings and Miss can help me. Sometimes, I am too sad to talk to someone so the app helps me.     Hugo