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Homework 24th March 2023


The focus of the homework this week is grammar and reading. There is a short comprehension paper to read and complete, alongside a sample of SPAG questions to revise concepts previously taught.


I have attached an answer sheet with the papers for children to mark their tests and check which areas they require further support on. Please could children ensure that the papers are marked and incorrect areas highlighted so we can go through them.


There is also a link below for children to learn the song for the Easter Production.


I continue to attach the maths homework from last week. Children who have forgotten to bring in their work must do so by Monday to ensure that they are accessing the same vital practise as their peers. Homework is a consolidation of the week and it is beneficial for all children to complete to aid their understanding.

I watch the sunrise Lyric Video

Please learn this song for the Easter production in Holy Week.

Welcome to Succeed Class - Year 6


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (Winston Churchill)


Welcome to Year 6 - Succeed Class. We have 30 children in Succeed class this year, all striving to achieve their own personal goals. I, Miss Fleming, am the Year 6 teacher and alongside myself will be Miss Ward as our class Teaching Assistant. We all share the same goal - to guide, to support, to learn, to laugh and to ensure that memories are made. We are looking forward to the exciting, and hard-working, journey ahead!


Now that the children are in Year 6, they will have many responsibilities around the school such as: leading by example as school role models to the younger children; taking the lead with School Council; participating as senior members of the GIFT Team; supporting younger children in reception with key reading skills; demonstrating sound knowledge of Internet Safety as members of the Internet Warriors; assisting within whole school assemblies; and representing the school at the various sporting competitions that we will be participating in throughout the year. It is sure to be a busy year!


We will begin our action packed year of learning with our History unit, 'Turning Points in World War Two.' Here the children will explore the texts, Boy in the Striped Pyjama's and Once to gauge an understanding of the plight of Britain and neighbouring countries during WW2. 


As the year progresses, we will then move onto discovering our local environments through our 'Coasts' topic in Geography; finding out about the ancient civilisation of Baghdad; learning how important Greek History was to our own language and society; discovering the history of evolution through science and where electricity came from. All of this, as well as preparing for our SAT's and the not-to-be-missed end of year musical production, which is always a highlight in the children's calendar!


Your child's well-being is of vital importance to us and we want to ensure that they are happy and progressing. If you ever have any queries, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our staff email:


Routines in Class


At the start of the day, children will enter the classroom where they will settle into some basic daily arithmetic practise. 

Morning break will be at 11am. If you wish, you may send a healthy snack in with your child for them to consume at this time.



We ask that you read with your child as often as possible. Your child will have a reading record that can be signed by yourself every time your child reads or is read to. In KS2, children will be expected to quiz regularly on Accelerated Reader upon completion of their book. As a minimum, we generally expect that children quiz at least once every fortnight. This helps aid their fluency and stamina to digest larger volumes of text that are expected within the Year 6 curriculum.



PE in Spring Term will be on Monday and Friday afternoons. Children should come into school dressed in their PE kits. This consists of: Black leggings/joggers, PE Top and hoody, jumper or cardigan. 



Homework will predominantly be set using Century Tech - an interactive web-based learning platform. Your child will receive their login details at the start of term, which will be stored in their reading journal. As time progresses, it will become necessary for children to practise additional SAT based questions too, which will be sent separately. 

Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2022-2023



We will begin our learning through studying the text, 'The Journey,' which will link to our Geography theme of The Manchester Ship Canal. We will investigate the issue of migration and settlement to an area and the causes of migration. Through Literacy, we will create our own migration narrative and explore persuasive writing when we look at the issue of fair trade, particularly around our local area- making links to the Co-operative Society.  Throughout the Geography unit, the children will be introduced to the economic activities that have expanded in our local area to beyond, revising ley learning on the Industrial Revolution and changes within our own local area.


In maths, the children will move onto gaining a deeper understanding of subjects such as percentages, ratio, algebra, area and perimeter. They will also have additional arithmetic practise daily alongside regular reasoning sessions weekly to assist them in solving more complex word problems. 

Booster will continue every Wednesday after school from 3:15-4:15pm until May.


In Science, the children will explore Evolution. Here they will study how fossils became a source of evidence about the past; investigate the various theorists around at the time to compare to how they have impacted life today; perform investigations to test theories to prove or refute ideas, and, present arguments with scientific knowledge that test their own ideas.


In RE, we will continue with our learning on the unit of 'Unity' by exploring what relationships we have with one another and with God, before moving onto Death and New Life for Easter. The children will ask and answer deeper questions to test their understanding of the Catholic Faith through prayer, worship, discussion and drama.


In Design Technology, we will be creating our own waistcoats for a teddy bear, linked to the textile trade we will cover in our Geography sessions. The children will plan, design, make and evaluate a waistcoat and revise key terminology such as fit for purpose and form over function.


PE this term will consist of Dance with Samba on a Monday afternoon and specialist coaching in gymnastics on a Friday afternoon with Rossendale Leisure. 

Class Newsletters, Key Vocabulary & Class Timetable

Literacy Texts

As part of their learning in Art, the children were tasked with creating a portrait of a famous person or person they admire. The children learned how to draw and eye, a nose and a mouth through the day, then decided upon blending and shading techniques to add the final colour and tones to the composition. The children worked extremely hard and produced some excellent pieces of work - some of which are displayed in the school hall for visitors to see.

Science Day - Making a Wire Loop Game

As part of their learning on electricity in Science, Year 6 had to plan, design and make their own wire loop game using a series of circuits that were connected to a light or a buzzer. The children worked hard to construct their design and, also, how to ensure the electricity circuit flowed without being seen. The end products were fantastic!

Design Technology Day

On Friday, 16th December 2023, Succeed class learned how to create a two-course meal based around the ingredients of peppers, mango and pineapple. The children first investigated where their food came from and how it is produced. They then researched recipes to create their own course and worked through the instructions as a team. The final pieces included a pepper salad, pineapple cake, mango cake and a pineapple cheesecake. The children worked extremely well and the final product was delicious!

As usual, in year 6 tradition, Succeed took part in a class secret Santa. All gifts were collected and presented around the tree for all children to open together. The children had a fantastic time opening their gifts together and received some fantastic presents. As you can see from the faces, a lot of joy was brought. Thank you to all the parents for their assistance in purchasing the gifts, your support is very much appreciated.

As the children had been working so hard through the week to earn their reward stamps, they were finally treated to their reward...a play on the apparatus with hot chocolate and biscuits. The reward system will commence again on Monday, who will be next to reach their target of 15 stamps?

The circulatory System Learning

In science this term, we have been learning all about the circulatory system. We have investigated what an actual heart looks like by examining a real pig's and cow's heart looks like; we have made our own clay heart from examining the real thing; we have completed experiments to test how nutrients and water is transported and absorbed within the body and we have identified the key components within our circulatory system.

Curriculum Learning so far

Whitworth Library WW2 Visit

On Tuesday, 4th October 2022, we visited Whitworth Library to learn further facts about our topic, Turning Points in WW2. We listened to some war time poetry of Micheal Rosen, completed a quiz to test our knowledge so far (which we excelled in!!) We then had the opportunity to browse the resources and select further books to take home.

This term, to help us with our understanding of the impact of WW2 on Whitworth, we visited Whitworth Museum for a morning workshop. We learned how WW2 affected Whitworth, especially with evacuees; explored how The Blitz was a key turning point and how Whitworth prepared for the blackout; identified key figures associated with war and handled artefacts of the era to gain a better understanding of life back then.