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Key Dates:


Wednesday, 13th July 2022 - Leaver's Mass in church 9:10am

                                                - Leaver's Production at The Ashcroft 6pm


Monday 18th July  - Boys to Moorland Home Residential

Tuesday, 19th July - Girls Residential Moorland Home


Thursday, 21st July - Leaver's Assembly at 9am

Peter Pan Costume List



This is the work we would like you to complete if your child is isolating waiting for a COVID result or has tested positive.


If you are isolating, follow the timetable that is contained in the resources below. Teams sessions will start at the times indicated below and you will join the Teams meeting using your log in details which can be found in the front of your reading diary.  There will be two online sessions in the morning, alongside reading and spelling sessions, and work on the school website for the afternoon linked to learning in class. Please see the timetable section below for activities on each day.


10am - Maths Teams

11:15 am - Literacy Teams

2:15pm - Feedback session (except Monday and Friday)


If you have any problems, please email me at 


Please email work daily for feedback.

Welcome to Succeed Class - Year 6


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (Winston Churchill)


Welcome to Year 6 - Succeed Class. We have 32 children in Succeed class this year, all striving to achieve their own personal goals. I, Miss Fleming, am the Year 6 teacher and alongside myself will be Miss Milner as our class' Teaching Assistant. We all share the same goal - to guide, to support, to learn, to laugh and to ensure that memories are made. We are looking forward to the exciting, and hard-working, journey ahead!


Now that the children are in Year 6, they will have many responsibilities around the school such as: leading by example as school role models to the younger children; taking the lead with School Council; participating as senior members of the GIFT Team; supporting younger children in reception with key reading skills; demonstrating sound knowledge of Internet Safety as members of the Internet Warriors; assisting within whole school assemblies; and representing the school at the various sporting competitions that we will be participating in throughout the year. It is sure to be a busy year!


We will continue with an action packed year of learning, beginning with an exciting journey into the Amazon! Here, we aim to provide the children with an exciting and engaging start which aims to build and expand upon the previous years' learning, whilst incorporating current year objectives. We will explore the dangers and delights of South America through the Amazon River, developing our geographical and map work skills. As the year progresses, we will then move onto discovering our local environments through our 'Coasts' topic in Geography; finding out about the ancient civilisation of Baghdad; learning how important Greek History was to our own language and society; discovering the history of evolution through science and where electricity came from. All of this, as well as preparing for our SAT's and the not-to-be-missed end of year musical production, which is always a highlight in the children's calendar!


Your child's well-being is of vital importance to us and we want to ensure that they are happy and progressing. If you ever have any queries, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our staff email:


Miss N Fleming                        Miss V Milner  

Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2021-2022



Welcome back to what will be another action packed term of learning! We hope that you have enjoyed a well-deserved rest with your families and are now eager and raring to go with your final term here at OLSA. This term, the children will be immersed in the theme of 'Coasts' where they will be exploring the text, 'Swallows and Amazons' to help them with their Geography skills of the features of coastal regions, compass directions and map skills.


In Literacy, using the text 'Swallows and Amazons,' the children will create their own text based adventure, applying all the learning that they have this year within their writing and SPAG lessons. They will then move onto a poetry with imagery unit, tying in their new learning on coasts within Geography to create their own figurative language poem of the sea.


In maths, children will continue to work hard to develop confidence and fluency within their arithmetic skills to ensure they are secure in their knowledge of basic skills in preparation for their transition to high school. The children will also continue their learning within units such as volume, geometry, position and movement and negative numbers.


In RE, the children will partake in another 'Faith Week' of learning, this time focusing on the faith of Judaism. They will be then able to compare and contrasts the different religions taught this year to have a more deeper understanding of the diverse world in which we live in. Children will then move onto the topic of 'healing' where they will explore the importance of reconciliation with God, with each other and with yourself.


Science this term will explore the theme of Light. Children will develop a greater understanding of this topic following on from their previous units in year 3. The children will explore key vocabulary associated with light, conduct experiments to see how light can be distorted and the influence of colours when light is transmitted through a lens. This will provide plenty of practical investigation opportunities for the children to be fully immersed within the learning. Alongside this, the children will also have regular opportunities to develop their writing skills through explanation texts.


In Design Technology, the children will research, plan, design and make their own playground. They will understand that different types of mechanisms are required in order to make the variety of products that children enjoy. This often proves to be a popular topic as they children get to visit the local park in which to 'sample' the current mechanisms on offer in order to create their own innovated design.


PSHE Lessons this term will predominantly focus upon the area of transition. Here the children will discuss openly and privately their hopes, fears and questions that they may have about their transition to their new schools. We will be discussing issues such as friendships, transport, workload and support.


In computing, we will revise our current knowledge on coding through a specialist teacher who will spend time in class modelling and demonstrating how to successfully code. The children will then move onto their new topic of networks.


Alongside all of the learning, the children will also be busy preparing for their final production of 'Peter Pan.' The children have all been allocated their parts and should have learned their respective roles through the half term ready to begin the production. It is vital that children do rehearse regularly and attend school everyday as the production really depends on every member taking part. 


PE this term will consist of swimming on Monday afternoons and we will continue with FUNDA on Tuesdays. Please can you ensure that children are in the correct uniform: plain black leggings/shorts/joggers, school logo t-shirt, trainers. No jewellery to be worn.


Class Newsletters, Key Vocabulary & Class Timetable

Literacy Texts

On Friday, 24th June, Year 6 had a visit from Computerxplorers who taught them how to code correctly using the computer device of Scratch. The children had a great afternoon, making sprites dance, incorporating sound and adapting their designs to fit a criteria. They even surpassed all expectations to move onto the technical system of AR (Augmented Reality) which is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. As you can see, they had a fabulous time seeing themselves on screen!

On Thursday, 19th May 2022, Succeed class visited Manchester Central Mosque and Salford Cathedral as part of their learning on the Islamic Civilisation and multi-faith week. The children were met by the Imam who explained all about the Islamic faith and what being a Muslim meant to him. The children then went on a tour of the Mosque - exploring the cleansing room, the education centre, prayer and worship rooms and exploring the daily prayer times that were visual on all walls. The trip was a highly educational experience that taught the children (and teachers) a great deal. 

The children then travelled to Salford Cathedral to explore how this place of worship compared to that of St Anselm's and to that of the Mosque. They had a very informative tour of the cathedral and its relevance to our Bishop, Bishop John Arnold.

The behaviour of the children was exemplary an they asked some very respectful questions to deepen their understanding of faith and other cultures.

As a way of saying well done year 6, we decided to throw them a SAT's party day! The children completed in a game of foot golf on the school field, followed by some good old baking!! After lunch, the children were treated to a film and pizza afternoon where they finished decorating their cakes and simply just chilling out after a long, hard week.


We could not be prouder of you year 6 - well done!!

From Monday, 9th May to Thursday, 12th May, Succeed class took part in the national SAT tests. Every morning, they came in at 8:30am for a breakfast of toast, jam, yoghurt, fruit, chocolate croissants and juice. They even brought their own brews!!


We have been so proud of each and every one of them for the resilience, determination and attitude that they have each demonstrated. They have been a pleasure to work with and have done everyone proud. They could not have tried any harder and they all did the very best they could - we could not have asked for more.


Well done Year 6!! You did it! 

On Wednesday, 23rd March, a number of year 6 children took part in a fun maths competition with children from St Sebastian's in Salford. The children took part in a series of challenges based around oral recall of known facts, times tables, arithmetic and reasoning. It was nice for the children to see children from another school and see how they calculate and perform in maths.

On Thursday, 3rd March, Succeed class invited in parents and carers to participate in their World Book Day themed event on migration. The children had been learning all about the country Afghanistan and has focused their learning around the topic of migration and settlement. In the afternoon, they were tasked with creating a piece of art that embodied the suffering and pain often felt by migrants leaving their home, combined with the element of hope that their journey will be a safe passage. Thank you once again to the parents that attended - your support is very much appreciated.

World Book Day 2022

DT Day - Come Dine with Me!

On DT Day, the children were tasked with challenge to create their own menu. They had to research from farm to fork to establish where our food came from. They then learned about the sustainability of food production and ways that we can assist. Finally, they had the challenge to decide what meal to create from a simple selection of peppers. The skill and techniques they used were amazing - quite the budding chefs!

On Wednesday, 19th January 2022, OLSA were visited by the author Damian Harvey. Damian started the day with an assembly, telling his very funny stories and getting the children very excited! In the afternoon, Year 6 did a writing workshop with him to create their own character for a story. The children were then set this as a piece of homework to create their own story based off the work of Damian. It was a really great day that the children enjoyed!

Our own Stories from Author Day

Secret Santa

Science in the local environment

This week, the children have begun work on their latest science unit: Living things and their habitats. Here the children are learning to sort and classify living things in the environment. We started with learning how micro-organisms work through exploring the conditions needed to make yeast react. We then took the learning outside to explore the types of plants withing the school grounds that were classified as flowering and non-flowering.


In RE, Mrs Twist then used a selection of plants to help us make our very own class Advent wreath. The children had a lot of fun designing and adding different elements to it that will be used within our prayer and worship within class.

On Wednesday, 17th November, the children in Succeed class experienced the fabulous Fun Food Chef!! He delivered an inspiring lesson on the importance of a healthy, balanced diet through a Spanish theme.  

The children learnt how to make their own potato frittata, a Spanish paella with an accompanying chorizo and chickpea side dish. They also made their own Spanish bread, filled with onions, fresh herbs, olives and juicy, red peppers - it was delicious! The children were very adventurous to sample foods that they previously said they disliked, even Miss Fleming may try chickpeas again after this! Here are just some of the quotes of the day.


"I really do not like mushrooms but now I do not mind them as much."

"It was fun to make our own flavoured bread - I cannot believe how easy it was to do."

"The smoothie was really tasty - I will definitely try to make that at home."

Geography Learning - The Amazon

This term, our learning in class is all about South America and the Amazon Rainforest. In our geography lessons, the children have been using atlases and maps to locate the continent of South America, identify the Amazon Basin and the countries which are supported by the Amazon River. They used play dough to help re-create the maps to see how vast the rainforest is and learned that it is the largest tropical rainforest.


We then took our learning outside to explore how we use the eight cardinal points of a compass and taught ourselves how to navigate round some rather tricky obstacles!

Matt Goodfellow Virtual Author Visit

Virtual Author:


On Monday, 18th October Year 5 and 6 had a virtual visit from the poet Matt Goodfellow. The children took part in an interactive session where they listened to a selection of readings from the author, alongside joining in with some of his favourite poems. Matt spoke to the children about how poetry can come from anywhere - real life experiences always help inspire him to write. He spoke of how poetry can give children a voice and he would love to see some of our children developing their own pieces of 'rebel writing!'


Helaina: "I really enjoyed the session and his readings because his poems were funny. I also liked how he had used his real life to share what he was feeling."


Ted: "I liked listening to how his poems were based upon what he enjoyed in life. His imagination was amazing to be able to create poems like that - even about ninja squirrels!"


Ged: "I thought the author was very good. I loved his 'Badger' poem as it was funny. I realised that poems do not have to rhyme but can be about expressing emotions in the here and now."

Historical Enquiry:


Amelia C: "I really enjoyed the afternoon when we spent time looking through primary sources of evidence - artefacts, written accounts, photographs, propaganda posters and newspapers. They taught us how life was very different for the children at that time. When we examined the evacuee suitcase, we realised that children could only take the essentials away with them. We also realised that of the toys that they had, they too were limited. This is very different to our lives now."


Freya: "It really enjoyed the afternoon investigating - it was fun!" We saw exactly what life was like for people at that time and how they must have lived."


Matthew: "I found it very interesting to learn how they lived in comparison to what we live like in the present. It was obvious that they did not have the same privileges as what we have today. It was very informative to explore the different types of sources that we can analyse to discover about the past."


Oscar: "It was very strange to see how little the people had back then but when we discovered about the rationing, it made sense. I loved trying on the masks to see how people must have felt when they were in the war."


Emily: "I thought is was very limited in what these people had in their lives and must have been very sad to leave home with so little. I could not believe how uncomfortable the masks were for people - it must have been very frightening to hear the bombs outside then put these on. It was amazing to see how many things we could use to tell us about the past."

The Circulatory System - Clay Hearts