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Amelia Earhart/Neil Armstrong

Amelia Earhart - The lives of significant individuals in the past


Here, the children will build upon their knowledge of the history of flight by examining another significant individual who has contributed nationally or globally. They will understand the chronology of Amelia's achievements; how they relate to the impact of the Wright Brothers; what changes did she bring about and what were the consequences of her actions; were there any significant conflicts (whereby comparisons can bemade with women's struggle for power through the ages in exploration); what was the impact of her achievements and how do they relate to ourlives today.

History KS2 | Explorers: Amelia Earhart | BBC Teach

The life of Amelia Earhart, a courageous pilot who broke records in the air, is introduced to primary pupils in this short animated film.

Amelia Earhart For Kids

Learn about one of the most famous pilots of all time, the Queen of the Air, Amelia Earhart.